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Stone Crusher Plants and Equipment

CRIFI srl: Crushing machine manufacturers

CRIFI Ltd Crushing Plant
has been operating, from more than 30 years, in the worldwide market of design, production and selling of crushing, selection, storage and washing plants, characterized by their blue color and destined to the extractive and mining sector.

A complete range, a detailed creation and a “handmade” assembly with top quality components, confer to the machineries of CRIFI Ltd Crushing Plant absolute reliability and flexibility for every requirement, in respect of all the safeties standard.
A strong belief in the European Directives of environmental respect, according to the location where the firm stands, leaded us to invest resources in order to develop new technologies about the recovery and recycling of demolished materials C&D, about the dehydration of sludges and the contaminated grounds' processing.

An after – sale service of capillary maintenance and assistance, allowed us to grow and retain existing costumers, marking us for our promptness in the replies and interventions, emphasizing an ambitious and constant improving – oriented company's philosophy, respectfully the Made in Italy, the authentic surplus value.